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The Singapore Monetary Authority intends to adopt a three-tier structure to regulate the trading market

The Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) said on May 22 that the current single RMO regulatory framework could not meet the needs of emerging technologies and new business models. The MAS… more

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The South African Central Bank restricts people from buying and selling cryptocurrencies through international exchanges

A few days ago, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) issued guidance on its position on the purchase and transfer of cryptocurrencies. Although SARB is not responsible for the regulation… more

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India may start taxing digital currency transactions from July 2018

According to CCN news, India may soon impose an 18% GST on digital currency transactions. Currently, the Central Indirect Tax Bureau of Customs is reviewing the proposal and will be… more

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China has implemented bitcoin transaction tracking and monitoring

CCTV Finance’s “Economic Information Networking” column video shows that the national Internet financial risk technology platform has achieved over-the-counter transaction monitoring, MLM currency monitoring, Bitcoin transaction tracking, Bitcoin offline distribution,… more

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GOLD Rebounded After Rising Above 1320

The price of gold by the dollar still has substantial upside. Gold dropped yesterday, after a rally above 1326, ending at 1315. In the global recession, gold demand will continue… more

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